Are you “running into the fog” with your nonprofit? Need guidance about how to involve your board in fundraising, raise more money and learn the skills necessary to succeed? Listen here.

Success Stories

For the last thirteen years, Bull Moose Group has had the privilege of  working  with numerous nonprofit organizations in Maine and Massachusetts that make a significant difference in people’s lives. The gratification in OUR work comes directly from THEIR successes.

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”

Teddy Roosevelt

“Ronnie makes my heart sing as she brings her expert capital campaign skills to social justice oriented non-profits, providing equitable access to the critical funding they need to carry out their timely missions. She is creative and supportive, a listener and a problem-solver, holding urgency with just enough patience. With her positive can-do approach, no campaign is too small or too large for her to devote 100% of her energy. Working with Ronnie spells s-u-c-c-e-s-s!”

Carol Wishcamper, Organizational Development Consultant

“Ronnie has the ability to grasp the organization’s mission at its deepest level and help members build a development plan that reflects and promotes that mission. She quickly learns the external and internal contexts, then educates the leadership and committee members, increasing everyone’s awareness of both challenges and opportunities ahead. While being outstanding at conceptualizing the global challenge, she’s also adept at managing the details that can support or sink a campaign or ongoing development plan. She is smart, sophisticated about dealing with diverse others, and fully accountable. An additional benefit is that working with her is always fun!”

– Betty Robinson, Board Member and Campaign for Growth Chair

Tree Street Youth

“Ronnie Weston and Evan Weston are seasoned professionals in a consultancy niche – fund raising for non-profit organizations, and their capital campaigns, in particular.
They can take a group of well-meaning, but sometimes naïve “cats” and herd them into a savvy, smooth running fund raising machine.

As a business owner, consultant and veteran Board member of many organizations . I am watching this unfold before my eyes. I thought I knew my way around asking for money. BMG is showing me and my colleagues how it’s done; Humanely, Methodically and Effectively. They are extraordinary at what they do.

BMG does whatever it takes, to enable an organization to:

  1. begin to discover itself
  2. get to really know itself
  3. enthusiastically like itself
  4. behave so as to be more worthy of itself and its client communities thus
  5. believing itself worthy of the support, and in particular the financial support, of individuals, foundations and corporations.

Ronnie and Evan have complementary interpersonal and organizational skill sets. They work their magic by imbedding themselves amongst the staff and the Board and all of
the stakeholders. They roll up their sleeves. They are brutally frank and honest, always with utmost discretion. They make us better at what we do. Without any reservation, I say: “Hire these guys! You won’t regret it.”

– Jeff Schwartz, Board Member and Campaign Cabinet Member

317 Main Community Music Center

“Evan provided Midcoast Humane with invaluable strategic direction and leadership showing us how to open doors for Board members, Advisory Council members, and other stakeholders to effectively and efficiently raise money. Who to ask, how to ask, and what to ask are all important concepts and Evan taught us how to do it all.”

– Tony McDonald, Former Board Chair

Midcoast Humane

“From our very first meeting to discuss fundraising ideas for our small nonprofit, Ronnie Weston offered guidance, training, strategic thinking and lots of encouragement. “You can do this,” she told us again and again. And over the course of our work with her, we proved to ourselves that, yes, we could! Ronnie’s understanding of our organization’s financial needs and how best to appeal to donors large and small, coupled with her fundraising experience and knowledge proved invaluable.”

– Susan Stranahan, Board President

Island Commons

“It is a pleasure for me to tell you of my experiences working with Ronnie and Evan Weston (Bull Moose Group) on the $4 Million capital campaign for 317 Main Community Music Center. Some of the highlights of their work:

  • They approached the task with an eagerness to understand what 317 Main was all about, and quickly identified with our mission and objectives.
  • They have helped us organize our limited resources to maximize effectiveness, recommending tools that have been very helpful as the campaign has progressed.
  • They have never been reluctant to tell us what we needed to do better and insist on working one-on-one with individual solicitors to help them hone their skills.
  • They both have well-developed senses of humor which have come in handy on several occasions!”

– Peter Haynes, Board Member and Campaign Cabinet Member

317 Main Community Music Center

“Working with Ronnie Weston of the Bull Moose Group has totally “upped” our development work. Thanks to her team’s creativity, marketing savvy and design skills, our recent annual appeal more than doubled last year’s contributions. You can count on Ronnie to give quality guidance that can both support a vision as well as implementation…and you can have fun in the process.”

– Jeanne Dooley, MSW, Executive Director


“When Harpswell Neck Fire and Rescue (HNF&R), a not-for-profit corporation providing fire fighting and emergency medical services to the mainland portion of Harpswell, recognized the need to raise hundreds of thousands dollars for the purchase of capital equipment, the Board of Directors turned to Ronnie Weston for guidance and assistance in running a Capital Campaign. Ronnie’s advice and coordination of the campaign was fabulous over the year-long effort that netted over $280,000 from a community of just 1700 people. This capital fund continues to grow to insure HNF&R personnel are fully-equipped to continue to provide their vital services to the community !

– Chris Heinig, Former Board President, Fire Fighter/EMT

Harpswell Neck Fire and Rescue, Inc.