Are you “running into the fog” with your nonprofit? Need guidance about how to involve your board in fundraising, raise more money and learn the skills necessary to succeed? Listen here.

We firmly believe that a financially sound and vibrant non-profit enriches our lives and our communities.

Our Work

Proudly serving clients in Maine and Massachusetts since 2007

Assessment & Planning

Your nonprofit organization wants to raise money. You “need” to raise money. But before you can embark, you’ll need a plan. Without a well-defined roadmap, it’s doubtful that you will meet your fundraising goals. Bull Moose Group will assess, evaluate, and determine readiness.


Fundraising comes in all shapes and sizes, sprints and marathons. Annual fund campaigns, crowdfunding, capital campaigns, monthly giving, grant writing, to name a few. Bull Moose Group will develop your strategy, counsel your board and staff, monitor progress, make connections and build relationships.


Is your mission statement clear and concise? Does it accurately describe what you do? Do you have a long-term vision that is lofty but achievable? Do your board members know what to say about your organization’s work and why someone should support it? Is there consensus?

Coaching & Training

Board members often view fundraising as “asking for money” but this is only one piece of the puzzle. Not everyone needs to be askers, but EVERYONE needs to participate in the fundraising cycle activities. Do you want to take the fear out of fundraising and empower your board members to be part of the team?